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At CPIM we follow effective and intelligent processes, our biggest asset relies in the fact that we deeply understand the business flow and established work, which is respected in every moment to achieve our customers entire satisfaction.

Human Resource Management

Pay Roll


Business Technology

• Recruitment & Selection.

• Evaluations & Testing.

• Medical and anti-doping tests.

• Intergrated Solutions.

• Bundled Services.

• On-site Alternatives.

• Benefits Packages

  to suit the needs of our customers.


•Creation and Development


•Payment executions


•Information management

•Integration of solutions

• Corporate Services.

 • Training Services.

 • Data Management.

 • Marketing Services.

 • Project Management.

 • IT Support.

Industries Served

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical


Human Resource & Administration

Médical & pharmaceutical

Legal ,Financial & Administration


Information technology

Smart Tools

Smart Search is reliable and proven with an unparallel, 20+ year background of successful development and deployment of recruitment management software. They are a breakthrough company and one of their goals is to always be leaders in the industry updating their processes and using the newest and best performancetools in the market.


CPIM has chosen smart search as our partner to provide you with a powerful and easy-to-use recruiting software designed to reduce paperwork, eliminate duplication of effort, shorten time-to-fill job openings and olwer costs.


Flexible Solutions




Which has it be respected in every moment as well as recognized since our main goal is to achieve its personal, professional and human development.




This makes our thoughts and ideas as consultants, to be in constant dynamic to obtain solutions.




Supply high quality standards and services on time at a competitive value.

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